Rebranding Ahead

Choo choo! Journalines is moving to this website, along with huge new YouTube channel and social media updates. Stay tuned 


This site is brought to you by a business student and techie, an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for multimedia, including video creation and use of design applications.

…and the history of Journalines and co.:

Journalines (Journal Lines) was created in January of 2021, with the goal of becoming a portfolio and commentary blog-style news site, which explores new and old questions in the business and technology space. Our slogan: “A site dedicated to putting the most interesting trends surrounding business and technology into an informative, easy-to-read commentary.”

Moving Forward

The site was created over a year ago now and hasn’t been updated recently, but it is now in transition to expand and rebrand for a bigger audience. You can view the original website, along with the existing blog posts here:

Stay connected to updates via LinkedIn here:

Thanks for supporting along the journey, and stay informed with us at in the exciting updates to come!